Forgive me, I’ve been away for quite some time!

Hello all! I’m sorry about my absence from this blog for the past few weeks… midterms have kicked into full gear and I’m trying to keep my head above water! However, since we’re already on the topic of blogs, that’s going to be this week’s topic! Blogs can be an extremely valuable resource for anyone, but I’ve found as a CMSD major, (or as they call it on Twitter, an SLP2B) blogs can be a great way to make connections with others in the field. Follow the blogs of professionals and favorite the posts that appeal to you most. Most blogs have a feature enabled where you can comment on particular posts. This is a great opportunity for you to ask questions or share your thoughts with the author of the post!

Not only are blogs a really efficient way to make connections with others in the field, but it’s also an effective way of learning about what you’ll encounter in the field (if you’re an SLP2B like I am) or what other professionals are doing to solve problems that you may be facing yourself if you’re out working in the real world!

Blogs are also unexpectedly awesome tools to success. For example, I’m currently following a blog (which I will list later) which contains a list of helpful tips on applying to graduate school. There is virtually a blog for any topic or concern; it’s just a matter of finding that blog! I’ve compiled a few very helpful blogs about our field, many of which I found on Twitter believe it or not. Here they are:

I just recently started following these ladies after I saw someone that I follow retweet one of their posts. I was excited to see that they not only had a twitter account, but also a blog for me to follow. They post some really unique and fun therapy techniques that I can’t wait to try out in the future! 

This is one of my favorite bloggers to follow because the author is currently completing her clinical fellowship, she she’s not too far ahead of where I’m at in my education. She’s full of insight and posts about her struggles and triumphs in the field. She also has tips and information about applying to graduate school and what to expect. I also follow her on Twitter, and she is always incredibly helpful when I have any questions!

The always helpful ASHA blog is an interesting read. Many of the posts are useful because I can store the information for later use, even if it does not directly apply to me right now!

SLP Olivia is another blogger that I just so happen to also follow on Twitter. She creates updates on her blog by posting videos from her YouTube channel! She’s also featured in the following post from ASHA:

This particular post I just had to save for last because it is an absolute goldmine! This post has a list of recommended SLP bloggers that I think can be used as great resources for anyone in the CMSD field!

These are just a few of the blogs that I like to keep up with, but the last link to the ASHA blogs post a-z is a good place to start looking for new bloggers to follow!



If you are looking to create a blog for yourself, I highly recommend using wordpress as a template. It is clean, organized, and very easy to use! Other websites include blogspot, livejournal, tumblr, etc.


The Paper Town Academy: John Green at TEDxIndianapolis

This video inspired me to create this blog for my 20% Project as part of an instructional technology course I am taking to support my major.

Hi, I’m Marissa! I’m a fourth year student pursuing a degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders, aspiring Speech-Language Pathologist, and avid learner.

This video spoke to me, not only because I believe that John Green is brilliant and absolutely one of the most talented writers, (Looking for Alaska, The Fault in Our Stars, etc.) but also because the message he brings to light is something that I can relate to. As a student, and as I’ve been a student my entire life, I have been granted the opportunity to always belong to a learning community. Throughout college I’ve thought to myself, “I’ve been a student for so long that I don’t know how to be anything else. What am I going to do when I’m thrown into the real world? What happens when grades don’t matter, and therefore I’m not being forced to learn new things every day?”

This talk by John Green has allowed me to realize that even when I am no longer a student, I will always be learning. And that’s when I realized the importance of learning communities apart from the education system.

It is my goal to create a website, a network, for CMSD students and Speech-Language Pathologists alike to participate in a learning community, or many, of their own. While ASHA is an incredible resource, I am a firm believer that we can always help each other out. If there’s someone or something out there that can help someone else, it is my goal to find that someone or something.

In my efforts to turn this blog into a resource for others, I will be gathering sources from around the Internet. Whether it be helpful information about CE credits, therapy techniques, or funding opportunities, I hope that this will become a “honey hole,” if you will, of useful information.